The 4D’s to Manage Your Inbox

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You have hundreds if not thousands of emails in your inbox. Just looking at your inbox stresses you out. I’ve been there, done that. I’ve worked for major Fortune 100/500 companies, private companies, and now I run multiple streams of income with many emails coming in daily. I’ve learned tips and tricks to optimize Microsoft Outlook to save time and keep my inbox manageable. Learn how to automate email handling, create one-click processes, virtual folders, and more.

Use the free 4D’s PDF to help you take control of your inbox and your day. To learn how to leverage Outlook’s features to make doing the 4 D’s easier, check out the course below.

Outlook 365 2019 2016

Blast through emails and turbo-charge your day. Learn Outlook’s key features and strategies today to be more productive by spending less time dealing with emails!