How to add a grammar checker to OneNote

This video will show you how to get grammar-checking in OneNote. As a BONUS, not only will you have grammar-checking in OneNote but all your applications and browsers. BUT WAIT! You also get spellchecking, tonality checking, rewording suggestions, and more!

🕐 Grammarly for OneNote Video Table of Contents
00:00 Grammarly for OneNote. Best grammar-checker for OneNote
00:49 Installing Grammarly for Desktop
01:14 Sign up for Grammarly
01:37 Demonstration of grammar checking in OneNote
02:38 Grammarly Free, Premium, and Business Plans


Sign up for free, and test-drive Grammarly for Free plan. If you really want to get the full power of Grammarly, I highly recommend the Grammarly Premium, or for teams of 3 and more, Grammarly for Business.

Our favorite Grammarly feature around here is the one-click replacement with an improved version of a sentence. If the sentence is too wordy, unclear, or includes non-value-added words, just click the Replace button, and the text is updated!

Once installed, Grammarly will work with all your applications with a text field – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint – yes! Grammarly for PowerPoint! Avoid those embarrassing presentation mistakes! Grammarly for Desktop is Grammarly for Windows and Grammarly for Mac. If you use Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, Evernote, Google Docs, Excel (yup, those text fields are checked when you click on a cell), Grammarly has you covered. And, Grammarly works in your browsers too.